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becomingmetoday-deactivated2011 asked:

here ill re write it.

when i was in a relationship for two years, we had a rough night and i went out and cheated on him. to this day i feel bad. i dont want you to think that it is going to be easy to forget. its a day by day process. you have to analyze the situation did you cheat because you were hurt about something he was doing, or (even though its hard to admit) did you cheat because you were in need of some affection that you werent getting from your current guy. i have to be honest that i did get a second chance but it only went downhill, the trust was lost. but i can tell you that if you really want him back its gonna take time, its gonna take showing him rather then telling him how commited you are. if he moves on or trys to make you jelous with other girls don’t let it change how you feel hes testing you dont go make him jelous because then all it becomes is a game. i hope this helped ;**

it did help, & I know why I did because we’re in a long distance relashionship & I was in need of someone I guess but I’ll take the advice & hopefully he’ll forgive me & we can make it work. Thank youuu (:

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